IPA: wˈeɪfɝ


  • A light, thin, flat biscuit/cookie.
  • (Christianity) A thin disk of consecrated unleavened bread used in communion.
  • A soft disk originally made of flour, and later of gelatin or a similar substance, used to seal letters, attach papers etc.
  • (electronics) A thin disk of silicon or other semiconductor on which an electronic circuit is produced.


  • (transitive) To seal or fasten with a wafer.

Examples of "wafer" in Sentences

  • The wafer is the round disc in the middle.
  • The wafers are then stopped by the suction of the vacuum.
  • The term wafer refers to the general shape of the tumblers.
  • It is depraved to call for the death of anyone over a wafer.
  • A wafer marker is described for aligning masks with the wafer.
  • The wafer is then bonded to a second similarly processed wafer.
  • The testing of the wafer in this process is also known as wafer sort.
  • The abrasive element is preferably fixidly secured to the wafer chuck.
  • Can you see the thin wafer cookie and the yummy Nutella in the middle?
  • An electrical discharge is applied to a wafer mounted in a wafer holder.
  • The orientation of the wafer is defined by the location of the wafer flat.
  • A step of etching and passivating the edges of the wafer is also disclosed.
  • He walked over and picked up the thin wafer of plastic and brushed bits of dried glue and plastic scraps from it.
  • Signed 14 long-term wafer supply agreements during the year, achieving a sales backlog of over 14 GW through 2018.
  • REC said it expected income of some 400 million crowns in the fourth quarter related to the termination of other long-term wafer sales contracts.
  • However, this advantage is not enough to offset the pressure on wafer prices, which forced it to amend one of its long-term wafer supply agreements.
  • In the mean time, whenever you want to send a note that shall not be opened by the bearer, put your trust neither in wafer nor wax, but twist it as I twist mine.
  • SunPower reports fourth-quarter earnings on Thursday. is getting a 3% boost after announcing a 4,400 MW long-term wafer supply agreement with GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited.
  • REC receives NOK 370 million for terminating long term wafer sales contract Sandvika, November 3, 2011: Reference is made to the third quarter report, where REC is expecting to recognize income from termination of long term wafer contracts in the fourth quarter 2011.

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