Examples of "wafer-like" in Sentences

  • The peels are going to be thin, translucent, more wafer-like.
  • They came out perfectly crisp and thin but not so thin they were wafer-like.
  • The thought of it is much worse than the actuality it had a wafer-like consistency.
  • Tea was served in small Chinese bowls with preserved fruits, ginger and wafer-like cakes.
  • Something was lying there, a thin, wafer-like packet of papers, the papers for which the Firefly of France had shed his blood.
  • First he took from his bag a mass of what looked like thin, wafer-like biscuit, which was carefully rolled up in a white napkin.
  • The Ritz sofa, created for the Dutch firm Gelderland by Rotterdam designer Bertjan Pot, has a wafer-like simplicity set off by its stiletto legs.
  • If you like crusts that are crisp do not cover the loaves; but to give the soft, tender, wafer-like consistency which many prefer, wrap them while still hot in several thicknesses of bread-cloth.
  • True, the bread and butter was of wafer-like thinness, there were hot cakes of the crispest, finest variety, and the plum-cake which was Martha's welcome to the bride was of the richest, most tempting description.
  • A short run took us over the few rapids that remained, and at a turn ahead we saw a 300-foot ridge, brilliantly tinted in many colours, -- light and golden yellows, orange and red, purple and lavender, -- and composed of numberless wafer-like layers of rock, uptilted, so that the broken ends looked like the spines of a gigantic fish's back.



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