IPA: wˈeɪfɝθʌn


  • Very thin, as thin as a wafer.
  • Extremely marginal or tenuous.

Examples of "wafer-thin" in Sentences

  • But the government's parliamentary majority is wafer-thin.
  • All the way down to three small wafer-thin beams circling around the spotlight.
  • I can still feel that air-filled bread collapse into wafer-thin slices as I bit into it.
  • I can see each contraction of the muscle as it pushes up against the wafer-thin chest wall.
  • A typical morning began with wafer-thin pancakes, sausage and cheese, followed by a stroll through a park or bazaar.
  • The colorful dish was rounded out with pickled and crunchy sweet potatoes and a wafer-thin paper made from black olives and squid ink.
  • On such wafer-thin pieces of “evidence” Mylroie built her case that Yousef must have therefore been an Iraqi agent and that therefore Iraq had masterminded the 1993 Trade Center attack.
  • State Senator Dan Rutherford (R-Chenoa) and Democrat Robin Kelly have both sketched out either small bore or wafer-thin ideas for the Treasurer's office that will likely have little impact on the state or its bankrupt budget, but may slap a little gloss on their campaigns.

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