IPA: wˈɑfʌɫ


  • (countable) A flat pastry pressed with a grid pattern, often eaten hot with butter and/or honey or syrup.
  • (countable, Britain) In full potato waffle: a savoury flat potato cake with the same kind of grid pattern.
  • (construction, also attributively) A concrete slab used in flooring with a gridlike structure of ribs running at right angles to each other on its underside.
  • (textiles, chiefly attributively) A type of fabric woven with a honeycomb texture.
  • (colloquial) (Often lengthy) speech or writing that is evasive or vague, or pretentious.
  • (Britain, dialectal) The high-pitched sound made by a young dog; also, a muffled bark.


  • (transitive, slang) To smash (something).
  • (intransitive) To speak or write evasively or vaguely.
  • (intransitive) Of a bird: to move in a side-to-side motion while descending before landing.
  • (intransitive, aviation, road transport, colloquial) Of an aircraft or motor vehicle: to travel in a slow and unhurried manner.
  • (intransitive, originally Northern England, Scotland, colloquial) To be indecisive about something; to dither, to vacillate, to waver.
  • (transitive, intransitive) Often followed by on: to speak or write (something) at length without any clear aim or point; to ramble.
  • (transitive) To hold horizontally and rotate (one's hand) back and forth in a gesture of ambivalence or vacillation.
  • (intransitive, Britain, dialectal) Of a dog: to bark with a high pitch like a puppy, or in muffled manner.

Examples of "waffle" in Sentences

  • Cut the waffle in half.
  • I ate waffle with cream.
  • The waffle iron's still in the shop.
  • How long does it take to cook waffle
  • The man waffled as she asks the question.
  • The Last of the Mohicans and a belgian waffle maker.
  • The waffle about the US being a product of the UK is irrelevant.
  • By fknvty, December 19, 2009 @ 2: 21 pm the polly waffle is dead
  • The Cynical Dragon calls it 'chutzpah'; I'd just call it 'waffle'.
  • Kismet is made of crisp waffle and nougat covered in milk chocolate.
  • In America, they are served in the same ways the American waffle is served.
  • Micole has been inducted into the way of the chicken, and the way of the waffle.
  • AAAAAAAAAAH! even my own brand of waffle is too much to stomach now, have some unrelated Burger-Fodder:
  • As each waffle is done, put it on a baking rack to cool; this helps prevent condensation and keeps the waffles crisp.
  • YETIIIII!!! yuummm to answer ur question about the penguin waffle maker ... it was the best thing my ex ever gave me! hahah how adorable is it?
  • I love this distro for the “just works” side of things, but lately, speaking as a tech and systems engineer, the flowery waffle is getting harder and harder to take.
  • Flax waffle is new today, because I was thinking about what I would have for dinner if timprov is not up and at-'em enough to have a real dinner with me, and we have flax waffles in the freezer, and they're not too bad, could be worse.
  • Note the splendidly PR-esque waffle from the man in the hotseat for this one: The area commander for North Kent police, Chief Superintendent Paul Brandon, said: Police in north Kent have worked closely with Mr Stepney and Mr Read to resolve problems they were having regarding anti-social behaviour.

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