waffle iron

IPA: wˈɑfʌɫaɪɝn


  • A cooking appliance, with hinged, indented metal plates, used to make waffles.

Examples of "waffle-iron" in Sentences

  • Using a tablespoon cookie scoop, portion out the batter between the center of each waffle-iron square.
  • Designer Chris Dimino made this ingenious waffle-iron based on a keyboard -- it turns out QWERTY waffles!
  • I am tempted to try it, possibly adding the third egg back in, as it is of the approximate vintage of my waffle-iron.
  • Of course, keeping kosher means that some of his recipes are completely off limits to our waffle iron, like the waffleburger on a waffle-iron baked bun.
  • Sounds interesting, although he does note that any of the recipes even further exacerbate the waffle-iron cleaning dilemma, which is oneo f the reasons Elaine and I so rarely pull out our waffle iron.

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