IPA: wˈɑfʌɫɝ


  • One who waffles, or changes sides or positions frequently.
  • One who waffles or rambles; a vague, unfocused speaker or writer.
  • A waffle iron.

Examples of "waffler" in Sentences

  • I'm a bit of a waffler, must admit.
  • I just remembered I have waffler hidden somewhere in my pantry.
  • He just says whatever will get your votes, so he comes across as a waffler.
  • I am an insufferable waffler — flagrantly swinging from fuck-it to what have I done?
  • 'waffler' myself, and I'd like to throw in a couple of points about blogging in general.
  • Not to be a waffler, but why not spicy to heat things up followed by sweet to “seal the deal”?
  • I mean, are you comfortable with a baseball fan waffler helping decide our nation's most pressing issues?
  • It is not a sin against democracy to affirm that Hillary Clinton has been a waffler on the campaign trail.
  • I am watching Dean closely and he seems to be quite the waffler around whether we honor the rules both candidates signed off on (literally)
  • It doesn't matter if said waffler is to dumb to work a doorknob, too lazy to have read about or watched at least a portion of this nearly two-year campaign or too apathetic to warrant a tree's ultimate sacrifice for the sake of their voter registration form.

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