IPA: wˈɑftˈʊr


  • (archaic) Something that is wafted, such as a smell or sound.
  • (archaic) The act of wafting something.

Examples of "wafture" in Sentences

  • "He passed him up," on the spot, with a scornful wafture of his hand.
  • William Shakespeare. (1564–1616) (continued) 1294With an angry wafture of your hand,
  • I had only a glimpse of him, but several times felt the cool wafture of his silent wings.
  • At the close of the third wafture, a roar as of thunder broke and rolled about the place, making the huge hall tremble, and the windows rattle and shake fearfully.
  • The air was filled with the songs of birds and was heavy with rich warm fragrances -- wafture from great lilies, and blazing blossoms of hibiscus, and other strange gorgeous tropic flowers.
  • It seemed a glow to him, a warm and trailing vapor, ever beyond his reaching, though sometimes he was rewarded by catching at shreds of it and weaving them into phrases that echoed in his brain with haunting notes or drifted across his vision in misty wafture of unseen beauty.
  • They brought into the hot hard streets the witchery of the woodlands; and no one could inhale for a moment, in passing by, the sweet wafture of their fragrance without being transported in imagination to far-off scenes endeared to memory, and without a thrill of nameless tenderness at the heart.

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