IPA: wˈæg


  • An oscillating movement.
  • A witty person.
  • (informal) A wife or girlfriend of a sports star or other celebrity, originally and especially of an association football player.
  • (informal, business or military slang, US) A wild-assed guess; a rough estimate.


  • To swing from side to side, as an animal's tail, or someone's head, to express disagreement or disbelief.
  • (UK, Australia, slang) To play truant from school.
  • (intransitive, chiefly obsolete) To go; to proceed; to move; to progress.
  • To move continually, especially in gossip; said of the tongue.
  • (intransitive, obsolete) To leave; to depart.

Examples of "wag" in Sentences

  • The dog is wagging its tail.
  • It's the dog that wags the tail.
  • Isn't that the tail wagging dog
  • Tails wag at indoor doggie park.
  • The flag was wagging by the wind.
  • Stop having the tail wag the dog.
  • The dog wags its tail to the owner.
  • It will make tails wag this holiday.
  • The window began to wag and tremble.
  • It's the tail arrempting to wag the dog.
  • "I find I'm mistaken," called the wag, down the table.
  • "Telephone for Boston Bean," called the wag of an office boy.
  • One, who can only be described as a wag, attempted to do so by defining each word as follows:
  • Your characters and my characters would get along find should they ever cross paths – they’d just be able to sit and chin wag!
  • Diehard Conservatives in the US may have loved him, but he gave new meaning to the terms wag the dog and political spin doctoring.
  • At the moment, therefore, the description of "CAP of the sky" attributed by an anonymous wag, is looking to be all too appropriate.
  • Perhaps Selwyn might have been called a "wag" -- a name given to men who were more enterprising than successful in their humour, and which referred originally to mere ludicrous motion.
  • Gen. Larry Nicholson flew in for a commanders 'meeting at Camp Delhi today, he was asked to bring with him a fresh supply of plastic "wag" bags that Marines use to dispose of human waste.
  • Hi Tom, I never knew if the wag was the school board man or the school! just knew if I skipped school without Mum knowing and she alway, always found out, call it Mothers sixth sense .. even before I confessed and had to ask for a note for the teacher because in the old days as well we all know it had to be supplied first day back at school ... if pushed Mum would write down 'I poor suffering child had another bilious attack' which went down reasonably well with the teacher until she asked me what it was ...

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