wage earner

IPA: wˈeɪdʒˈɝnɝ


  • Someone who works for wages, especially if that wage supports a household.


IPA: wˈeɪdʒʊˈɝnɝ


  • Alternative form of wage earner. [Someone who works for wages, especially if that wage supports a household.]

Examples of "wage-earner" in Sentences

  • More likely for the primary wage-earner to earn less.
  • You cannot lift the wage-earner up by pulling the wage-payer down.
  • The lower wage-earner typically endures a lower standard of living.
  • What will these families do if their primary wage-earner dies unexpectedly?
  • Post-divorce, the higher wage-earner typically pays alimony and child support.
  • When his grand-daughter the family's only wage-earner becomes engaged to the boss's son, the future in-laws arrive for dinner and a predictable clash of values.
  • Republicans have rubber-stamped the desire of the Koch Brothers and their godshead Scott Walker to cripple Wisconsin's middle class and lower benefits and wages for every single wage-earner in our state.
  • It's only available to those over 65 (soon tobe 66), for the very young (in some states), those whose employers provide it (at what cost to the wage-earner no one knows or will say) the very wealthy and elected officials.
  • The cap will only become relevant to them next August when their claim comes up for its annual re-assessment, unless they make a fresh claim due to changed circumstances such as moving house or a wage-earner losing their job.
  • Unless you think that every wage-earner in America uses $1-2+ million in health care over their lifetime, this is the best deal you'll ever see in EXACTLY the health care you want (almost nobody uses anything like 1 million dollars in healthcare over their life - but they pay for it as if they do).

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