wage freeze

IPA: wˈeɪdʒfrˈiz


  • freeze of wages at a given level

Examples of "wage-freeze" in Sentences

  • To the annoyance of some of her own caucus, Ms. Horwath held back from sharply criticizing the wage-freeze vow off the bat.
  • The five-year deal included some serious concessions from the union, including a wage-freeze and higher healthcare premiums for all members.
  • Mr. Holyday said the city felt compelled to make its offer public because of the union made its wage-freeze offer last week at a press conference.
  • At Queen's Park, critics said the arbitration for the 16,000 hospital workers is further proof McGuinty's wage-freeze plan is growing more toothless.
  • Negotiators for the Mantua Township Education Association and the school district emerged from an 11-hour meeting with a wage-freeze agreement on Thursday night.
  • In Downe Township, 56% of voters rejected a 0.12 percentage point tax-rate increase, even after teachers agreed to abide by the governor's wage-freeze and benefit proposals.
  • The NJEA opposes the wage-freeze incentive, calling it "another attempt to deflect public attention from the governor's decision to cut from education," said spokesman Steve Wollmer.
  • All public-sector workers in Ontario - including municipal police and firefighters who escaped last week's wage-freeze edict - need to do their part to slay Ontario's massive deficits, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Sunday.
  • Toronto is dismissing a three-year wage-freeze offer from its unionized outside workers, demanding instead changes to job security provisions for workers with less that 25-years on the job and offering a one-time payment in return.

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