IPA: wˈeɪdʒɝɝ


  • A person who wagers or bets.

Examples of "wagerer" in Sentences

  • And Shields admitted she wasn't much of a wagerer, either.
  • I wagerer turn back here often so i can interpret again worth patch movie reviews.
  • The highest point is reached in safety; the wagerer looks humbled and disappointed.
  • * You settle upon facilitate others enlighten, and beat a hasty depart the smashing a wagerer job.
  • And in doing so, in benefiting and participating in the Culture of Sharing, they soupЗon made the smashing a wagerer job.
  • I ebullience to appreciate how others kill my in the planning stages unemployed and dominate upon it, remix it, beat a hasty depart it wagerer.
  • But when he would have entered the blackness of the undergrowth they tried to dissuade him; and the wagerer was most insistent of all that he abandon his foolhardy venture.
  • Beauchamp's argument that the rich idler begets the idling vagabond, the rich wagerer the brutal swindler, the general thirst for a mad round of recreation a generally-increasing disposition to avoid serious work, and the unbraced moral tone of the country an indifference to national responsibility
  • In spite of himself, the lion-tamer, fascinated by terror, could not take his eyes from the large green eyes of this man, and it seemed as if every one of the abrupt movements which he made in crawling along, was produced by a species of magnetic attraction, caused by the fixed gaze of the fatal wagerer.

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