IPA: wˈeɪdʒʌz


  • one's total income for a time period

Examples of "wages" in Sentences

  • The company paid the wages in 1994.
  • Both saw the wages system as a despotism.
  • Difficulties arose in the payment of wages.
  • In 2007, the gap in wages and benefits was $11.31.
  • The wages paid were fixed by the Board of Directors.
  • The fraction of wages paid in full is below the national average.
  • One, the employee would have visibility as to the amount they are foregoing in wages as a result of health care.
  • As to the argument far above (and unrelated to most of this thread) that the gender gap in wages is just five percent, well, that’s rubbish.
  • Imagine for a moment that instead of having your employer pay a portion of your premium they gave you that money in wages and you had to go buy your own health insurance.
  • Worse for us is that nearly all our competitors are ma and pa companies with less than $500,000 in wages a year, meaning that our competitors will be exempt from these taxes, giving them an automatic 4% cost advantage over our company.
  • Now, in the famine time, the labourer, as a rule, could not obtain money wages for the cultivation of the soil -- a fact well known to the Government; so that _money wages_ of almost any amount must withdraw him from agriculture, from the absolute necessity he was under of warding off immediate starvation.
  • Based on their philosophy of "personal responsibility" they argue that the "gender gap" in wages is due to women preferring flexible work schedules and shorter working hours, and, since women clearly aren't setting money as their highest priority, that's not a problem (and traditional marriage is the solution to any worries about financial insecurity, anyway).

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