IPA: wˈægɪʃ


  • witty, jocular, like a wag
  • mischievous, tricky

Examples of "waggish" in Sentences

  • He is a waggish and funny boy.
  • He smiled at the waggish humor.
  • He is a waggish student in the class.
  • It is a line from a waggish folk song.
  • I like people who are funny and waggish.
  • The new tiki bar in downtown Tacoma offers a waggish combination of strategic lighting.
  • Scrooge was not much in the habit of cracking jokes, nor did he feel, in his heart, by any means waggish then.
  • Roberts, a 35 year old Englishman with a waggish sense of humour and an interest in zoology, was happy to oblige.
  • If you're feeling particularly waggish, we suppose you could fish a small stone out of a river bed to present the e card with.
  • It's being sold as a farcical rom com about a waggish ex soccer star from Scotland who finds himself catnip to American soccer moms.

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