IPA: wˈægɪʃɫi


  • In a waggish manner.

Examples of "waggishly" in Sentences

  • “What makes you think I’m happy to see you?” asked Lupin waggishly.
  • He waggishly added, "It will be a fund-raiser, and I hope to see you there."
  • Mr. Turow, who waggishly refers to himself as his firm's "hood ornament," laid down the law to his colleagues some years back.
  • Heyer was never taken seriously by her contemporary critics "waggishly frolicsome, pertly paced", but "Regency Buck" and most of her other novels are still in print.
  • The line always reminds me of a piece by the great Bernard Levin who waggishly advanced the theory that there is a dog in Hamlet, called 'Amazement' - hence the line above. posted by Bystander | 11:21 AM
  • A kind of non-rom-com about two young gay men acting as mutual catalysts for each other over the course of a 48-hour affair, it might waggishly be called "How to Lose a Guy in Two Days And Change Your Life Forever."

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