IPA: wˈægʌɫ


  • A wobbling motion.
  • (golf) The preliminary swinging of the club head back and forth over the ball in the line of the proposed stroke.


  • (transitive) To move (something) with short, quick motions; to wobble.
  • (intransitive) To reel, sway, or move from side to side; to move with a wagging motion; to waddle.

Examples of "waggle" in Sentences

  • Indeed, the name is just waggle dance.
  • He also comes to a cat level finger waggle.
  • The waggle is present, but noticeably less aggressive.
  • The waggle dance may be less efficient than once thought.
  • The main passing plays are the waggle, buck or belly pass.
  • "The waggle is a practice of the takeaway of the backswing,"
  • EMMA ALBERICI: They do something I heard is called the waggle dance.
  • The waggle dance may be adaptive in some environments and not in others.
  • It may also spread the scent released during the forager's waggle dance.
  • At least in the 18th century, it's not your finger you're supposed to waggle.
  • And of course if a monster grabs you, you can waggle them off with the wiimote.
  • Bees exchange fairly detailed information about food sources through an involuntary reflex known as the waggle dance.
  • "When bees return from a foraging expedition they let the other bees in the colony know where they have been and how good the nectar was by performing what's known as the waggle dance," Barron said.
  • After that error, though, offensive coordinator Jeff Grady went to Skidmore on the very next play, calling a waggle pass where quarterback Ryan Colburn rolled out and hit Skidmore for a 5-yard gain.
  • JAY: Right because we heard some of the guys who do service San Francisco, the city itself, and they occasionally talk about the occasional person they see, and they do a little limp wrist waggle, which is like, uh, yeah, okay, fine, you know.

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