IPA: wˈægʌn


  • A heavier four-wheeled (normally horse-drawn) vehicle designed to carry goods (or sometimes people).
  • (US, chiefly New England) A shopping cart.
  • (rail transport) A vehicle (wagon) designed to transport goods or people on railway.
  • (Ireland, slang, derogatory, dated) A woman of loose morals, a promiscuous woman, a slapper; (by extension) a woman regarded as obnoxious; a bitch, a cow.
  • (mathematics) A kind of prefix used in de Bruijn notation.
  • (slang) Buttocks.
  • (astronomy) A bright circumpolar asterism of the northern sky, said to resemble a ladle or cart. It is part of the constellation Ursa Major and includes the stars Mizar, Dubhe, and Alkaid.
  • Abbreviation of toy wagon; A child's riding toy, with the same structure as a wagon (sense 1), pulled or steered by a long handle attached to the front.
  • Short for dinner wagon (“set of light shelves mounted on castors so that it can be pushed around a dining room and used for serving”). [A set of light shelves mounted on castors so that it can be pushed around a dining room and used for serving.]
  • (slang) Short for paddy wagon (“police van for transporting prisoners”). [(slang) A police van for transporting prisoners.]
  • (chiefly Australia, US, slang) Short for station wagon (“type of car in which the roof extends rearward to produce an enclosed area in the position of and serving the function of the boot (trunk)”); (by extension) a sport utility vehicle (SUV); any car. [(obsolete) A vehicle providing transport to and from a railway station.]


  • (transitive, chiefly US) To load into a wagon in preparation for transportation; to transport by means of a wagon.
  • (intransitive, chiefly US) To travel in a wagon.

Examples of "wagon" in Sentences

  • The wagon was full of coal.
  • Elizabeth went to the front of the wagon train.
  • The iron wheels on the wagons were not very forgiving.
  • At the end all the kids are pulled in the wagon by Dad.
  • The Deluxe trim of the Rural station wagon was dropped.
  • On this dull rainy Monday this wagon is the only spot of colour.
  • However the half compartment in the centre of the wagon was omitted.
  • And now the wagon is being approached by a bunch of armed strangers.
  • The hired men begin thinking about ways to commandeer the wagon train.
  • Another form of the carriage was the pageant wagon of the 14th century.
  • Catherine however was confined to the wagon for the rest of the journey.
  • The Applegates were blamed for the hardships the first wagon train faced.
  • Wagon - Buddhism uses the term wagon or vehicle to indicate different religious traditions.
  • The one that has never fallen off the wagon is the liar and coward because they could not admit it.
  • They were heading for the emigrant trail, that being what we called the wagon road across the plains in those days.
  • Saunders, a Yale graduate, said his step-father had been one of the famous "Buffalo Soldiers" on the plains, protecting white settlers traveling west in wagon trains.
  • Keeping the most economically muscular hitched to our financial wagon is especially important now, when Americans see themselves competing for prosperity, not with Wall Street, but with China.
  • The driver was a young giant, and when he climbed on top his load and poised a lump of coal in both hands, a policeman, who was just scaling the wagon from the side, let go and dropped back to earth.
  • Then, we had five two-horse wagon loads of goods and furniture, and seven in family; now, our possessions were only a few articles, in _a one-horse wagon_, with an addition of two members to our household!

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