IPA: wˈægʌnɝ


  • Someone who drives a wagon.
  • (astronomy) The constellation Auriga.
  • A surname originating as an occupation for a wagoner.
  • An unincorporated community in Rochester Township, Fulton County, Indiana, United States, also named Mount Zion
  • A city, the county seat of Wagoner County, Oklahoma, United States.
  • An unincorporated community in Mineral County, West Virginia, United States.

Examples of "wagoner" in Sentences

  • Soho the Dog: as a wagoner would his mudheeldy wheesindonk
  • June 16, 2007 as a wagoner would his mudheeldy wheesindonk
  • Hardly one cart or wagoner passes in a quarter of an hour.
  • The wagoner was a rough, profane, burly man, of generous feelings.
  • The dear old 'wagoner's whip' has been replaced by a pert, perky squirt that will never stir the heart or brain of a future Ruth.
  • They would meet wagons in the road, take the horses and leave the poor wagoner either swearing with rage or mute with astonishment.
  • During the trip, Boone worked as a wagoner alongside a trader named John Findley who had traveled to the Native American villages in Ohio and beyond.
  • The first sight the Gowans had of Spitalfields was from the front seat of a market wagon, pressed tightly between the wagoner, a small man with a squint and broken teeth, and the mountainous Daniel Nelligern.

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