IPA: wˈeɪɫ


  • A prolonged cry, usually high-pitched, especially as of grief or anguish.
  • Any similar sound as of lamentation; a howl.
  • A sound made by emergency vehicle sirens, contrasted with "yelp" which is higher-pitched and faster.


  • (intransitive) To cry out, as in sorrow or anguish.
  • (intransitive) To weep, lament persistently or bitterly.
  • (intransitive) To make a noise like mourning or crying.
  • (transitive) To lament; to bewail; to grieve over.
  • (slang, music) To perform with great liveliness and force.
  • (obsolete) Synonym of wale (“to choose; to select”)

Examples of "wail" in Sentences

  • Sirens wailed at 10 a.m.
  • The girl wailed for losing the game.
  • They aren't too happy and begin wailing.
  • As hundreds wail, the victim's ashes immersed.
  • I was crying and wailing and gnashing my teeth.
  • In the background, the police siren is still wailing.
  • The monster's cry was like a screeching wail of horror.
  • The sinners, who fall into it, wail with pain and fright.
  • The party is disturbed by a plaintive wailing from outside.
  • The cry and wail of the devotee is covered with loud trumpeting.
  • We were interrupted in our reflections by a wail from the Russian courier who found himself in a curious dilemma.
  • Her potatoes spilled over the deck, while a wail from the front of the boat announced that one of the babies had bumped, too.
  • Their every impulse, from their very first wail, is to dominate, and by dominating, compel us to become their servants in turn.
  • Chalmers “wales” a psalm, in every sense of the word wail, to the most doleful of dismal tunes; they read a chapter round, and he prays.
  • To wail is to (1) express sorrow audibly (Lament); (2) to make a soundsuggestive of a mournful cry; (3) to express dissatisfaction plaintively: tocomplain.
  • While it won't exactly match the classic high-pitched wail from the show, the producer says Gordon-Levitt will leave his own vocal stamp on Cobra Commander.
  • Allusions to Antiguan slave trading and the cultural and economic imperialism that have enriched the Bertram clan are made explicit in Patricia Rozema's 1999 film — largely in the opening and the closing credit sequence, which feature African singers in a kind of wail from the sea.
  • She's run away, said Jeanie, afraid not to be believed – and then the commotion was increased by a wail from the mother, who sank in a state of collapse into her large chair, and by the rush of Marg'ret from the kitchen, who perceiving what had happened flew to give the necessary help.
  • I can't quite describe the level of annoyance that the bald business guru brings to a room of gentle drinkers, trying to enjoy themselves while the rest of the populace is at work, but a sudden wail from a man in the far corner, similar to that of a small dog yanked forcefully by the tail, alerts everyone that something is terribly wrong.

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