IPA: wˈeɪɫɝ


  • One who wails or laments.
  • A professional hired mourner.
  • (mining, historical) A boy employed to pick out stones, pyrites, etc. remaining in the coal after it is screened.

Examples of "wailer" in Sentences

  • Bunny Wailer was both the quietest and most spiritually creative of the Wailers.
  • He threatened the wailer with his fist, and the black cowered down, glaring at him with sullen eyes.
  • Another gale-force wailer who smudges the line between anger and sadness like so many tears through Revlon eyeliner?
  • Just because she fashioned herself as a gospel singer/wailer did not mean she was ever singing for God, just for celebrity.
  • Matthew Houck's always been a wailer; with his Williamsburg-based band Phosphorescent now a six piece thanks to the addition of Austin pedal steel aficionado Ricky Ray Jackson, the Alabama native's sprawling narratives now have the freedom to float in and out of comprehension without facing much consequence.

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