IPA: wˈeɪɫɪŋ


  • A loud drawn out scream or howl.

Examples of "wailing" in Sentences

  • They aren't too happy and begin wailing.
  • I was crying and wailing and gnashing my teeth.
  • In the background, the police siren is still wailing.
  • The party is disturbed by a plaintive wailing from outside.
  • The latter being a VERY cool tune with Robin wailing at the end, “I wanna live in your body!”
  • I remember when the company in Dubai wanted to buy our ports and the wailing from the Repugs was deafening.
  • But for five whole days he plunged the land in wailing and sorrow, and for five whole days he was the only man in the Klondike.
  • All of this wailing is a long winded way of saying that, this morning, I cut 10k worthless, horrible, painful words out of my manuscript.
  • So far the Obama Administration, to our surprise and perhaps its own, has behaved with admirable sobriety despite the wailing from the political left.
  • So, despite all the screaming and wailing from the right about how Obama threatens America, an unnerving bipartisan consensus on the key precepts of American militarism has, in 2010, fully re-asserted itself.
  • So it's a little more than passing strange that Mr. Brooks clucks about Mr. Obama's "über-partisan budget" when, given the last few weeks of shrieking and wailing from the Republicans about socialism and communism, he's been the voice of moderation in the room.

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