IPA: wˈeɪnskʌt


  • (architecture) An area of wooden (especially oaken) panelling on the lower part of a room’s walls.
  • Any of various noctuid moths.


  • To decorate a wall with a wainscot.

Examples of "wainscot" in Sentences

  • They're behind the wainscotting.
  • The plaster walls have marble wainscot.
  • The same marble is used for the wainscot.
  • Part of these came from an earlier wainscotting.
  • The halls were wainscoted in marble and mahogany.
  • The walls are lined with Italian marble wainscotting.
  • The walls are of birch and maple combined with wainscoting.
  • The interior is furnished with maple floors and beaded wood wainscot.
  • The baseboard, wainscot, and counters are white marble with gold veins.
  • The wainscot could be a wallpaper, like Lincrusta, or it could be wood.
  • Water flooded the church as high as the top of the wainscoting on the walls.
  • The girl disappeared down a hallway, running her hand along the wainscot for guidance.
  • The home has custom woodwork throughout, including reclaimed wood floors and wainscot paneling.
  • Whether we may not, for the same use, manufacture divers things at home of more beauty and variety than wainscot, which is imported at such expense from Norway?
  • This feeling is very strong in many apartment houses where small rooms are overburdened by this kind of wainscot, and to make matters worse, the top is used as a plate-rail.
  • I was anxious to see men so famous in the world of Books; But though Mr Rogers at whose table we met behaved with his usual kindness Dr A and Son would have known just as much of me had I been looking through a gimblet hole in the wainscot, and I should have made as good a figure in the company.
  • "As we stand upright and are, in a sense, rooted in the ground so the wall through its wainscot division, is rooted relative to the floor," he wrote, in just one of several passages where he is clearly thinking like, and arguing from, the perspective of the fully physically able-bodied person he was in 1982.
  • If you would like a bit of domestic information, a picture of matrimony, I have to inform you that our Neighbour behind the wainscot has discovered that his wife has been noodling him, and running him in debt, and the consequence is, that she is out of his house, and he has advertized that he will pay no debts that she may contract.
  • This is most stunningly displayed in the show's chief highlight, a re - creation of the dining room first exhibited in the 1903 Arts and Crafts Exhibition organized by Stickley in Syracuse, N.Y. The room incorporates the handsome, massive furniture in a setting where everything from the oak-and-burlap wainscot to the pottery vessels on the table and sideboard was designed or overseen by Stickley himself.

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