IPA: wˈeɪnskʌtɪd


  • Alternative spelling of wainscotted


  • Alternative spelling of wainscotted [Having a wainscot.]

Examples of "wainscoted" in Sentences

  • The halls were wainscoted in marble and mahogany.
  • Tom Seymour had her backed up against the wainscoted wall, one hand flat against the surface on either side of her shoulders.
  • But what the evening as a whole offers is a dual portrait of the sadness beneath the wainscoted traditions of public-school life.
  • Diamond file, tugged at the hem of her waist-cinching bouclé jacket, and strode down the wainscoted halls of Hallingby and Hallingby.
  • When we first moved here, he put in a new roof, wainscoted the walls of our bedroom, restored an antique cedar chest and a huge oak table.
  • The novelty and uneasiness soon wore off, though, as they usually did with all but the most ingratiating guests, and soon they were struck by the more bizarre presence here: a wainscoted, crown-molded parlor chockablock with equipment that a crime scene unit in a medium-sized town might envy.
  • Compare a similar repetition in 1Sa 25: 24; Zec 7: 5. ceiled -- rather, "wainscoted," or "paneled," referring to the walls as well as the ceilings; furnished not only with comfort but luxury, in sad contrast to God's house not merely unadorned, but the very walls not raised above the foundations.

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