IPA: wˈeɪsthaɪ


  • As high as would reach to the waist (of a standing person).

Examples of "waist-high" in Sentences

  • The grain was waist-high on either side the wagon road, and he sniffed the warm aroma of it with delighted nostrils.
  • We cut a long, winding path through the jungle, wading through rivers that were waist-high, until we reached canyon with hundreds of slaves.
  • The method that the Chinese government employs to manage breaking news communicated instantly on the Internet is about as effective as a waist-high fence.
  • The grass was waist-high and higher, and as she rode along she remembered that Gogoomy was one of a gang of boys that had been detailed to the grass-cutting.
  • The waist-high fence might rein in the majority of Chinese citizens; but, today, more Chinese than ever before were interested in seeing what was on the other side.
  • In the dining room, American artist Roxy Paine's linen canvas drips with white paint near a life-size sculpture of an obese Asian man belly-flopping onto a waist-high block of faux ice.
  • He would already be in double figures but he shelled a waist-high chance, arguably the easiest of the eight that have gone to him at second slip, when Stephen Moore, on 43, drove loosely at Keith Barker in the first innings.

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