IPA: wˈeɪstbænd


  • A band of fabric encircling the waist, especially a part of a pair of pants or a skirt.

Examples of "waistband" in Sentences

  • His hands are going for his waistband.
  • He carries a revolver tucked in his waistband.
  • He wields a waistband whip containing spell power.
  • One day I noticed the waistband was a little tight.
  • The waistband resembled that of a pair of men's briefs.
  • A waistband is attached to the upper ends of the sections.
  • The waistband is plaited or in some cases made from taaniko.
  • The split in the waistband at the back is in the fishtail shape.
  • The split in the waistband at the back is in the 'fishtail' shape.
  • Now the goal there is to actually get the waistband on top of the head.
  • Tucked in her waistband was a pistol similar to mine, the compact Glock.
  • Using a grosgrain ribbon facing for waistbands is faster and uses less fabric.
  • His backside, with the vertical line peeking out from the center of his waistband, is a familiar sight in our village.
  • A waistband is a lot more trouble and adds an inch or two above the skirt, and most waistbands on patterns are not wide enough.
  • Isnora believed, by its shape, the object in the waistband was a gun, which he radioed to Lieutenant Gary Napoli, head of the team.
  • The buckle of her waistband is also his work; I am not quite sure but that it is a token of betrothal when a girl wears the buckle her suitor has made.
  • Now why guys will walk around with their boxers or whitey-tightys looking like storm-tossed ships, panels of fabric barely hanging onto the waistband, is beyond me ...

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