IPA: wˈeɪstkɫɔθ


  • A cloth or garment worn around the waist.
  • (nautical) A covering of canvas or tarpaulin for the hammocks, stowed on the nettings, between the quarterdeck and the forecastle.

Examples of "waistcloth" in Sentences

  • "Well, then," Mumtaz says, pulling her record book out from her waistcloth.
  • Izár or waistcloth which was either tied or tucked into a girdle of leather or metal.
  • “Fútah”, a napkin, a waistcloth, the Indian Zones alluded to by the old Greek travellers.
  • Dyak men wear a waistcloth which is made either of the soft inner bark of a tree, or else of cotton cloth.
  • Asked Al – Rashid, “Where is thy gaberdine, 220 and where are thy waistcloth and girdle and where be the rest of thy raiment?”
  • Then he looked at the second ape and saw him fair of form and round of face with pendants of gold in his ears and a blue waistcloth about his middle, and he was like unto a lighted taper.
  • Always turning about and moving with the chorus, she repeats this process again and again, showing more legs and hips every time, until the siapa waistcloth barely hangs on her, and would fall except that she holds it.
  • Then he drew it in and finding it heavy, laboured at it and ceased not his travail till he got it ashore, when he found in it yet another ape; but this one was red, with a blue waistcloth about his middle; his hands and feet were stained with Henna and his eyes blackened with Kohl.
  • Then he pulled it in and found it heavier than before; so he ceased not to tug at it, till he brought it to land, when, behold, there was another ape in it, with front teeth wide apart, 187 Kohl-darkened eyes and hands stained with Henna-dyes; and he was laughing and wore a tattered waistcloth about his middle.

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