IPA: wˈeɪstɫaɪn


  • a line around the body at the waist; its measurement
  • the narrowest part of a garment, usually at the waist, but may be above or below depending on the dictates of fashion or the whim of the designer
  • (slang) person having a large waistline
  • (automotive) The horizontal line just below the windows of a car or other vehicle.

Examples of "waistline" in Sentences

  • His waistline is bigger than his dad's.
  • The waistline featured brown ribbon velvet.
  • In Bataan, the flood was up to the waistline.
  • I roll up neither the waistline nor the ankles.
  • The skirt is on the waistline with gold buttons.
  • Boots extended up the leg to button at the waistline.
  • There is a definite appearance of a seam at the waistline.
  • In that respect, it is similar to the waistline and hemline.
  • The waistline of clothing generally corresponds to the human waist.
  • From there the waistline sloped down to meet the deeper windscreen.
  • The waistline is zippered and definite, so it doesn't have that subtly defeated quality of elastic.
  • Always show a thin waistline with wide hips, which give her sex appeal and also make her physique powerful.
  • Anonymous said ... do not tuck in a blouse or wear a belt if your waistline is not smaller than your hips or if you are fat.
  • As Chileans and the world wait for the miners 'safe recovery, this startling reminder of the importance of one's waistline is an opportunity to review the health risks of our increasing girth.
  • Imagine if you had to pass this simple test: If your waistline is equal to or less than 35 inches, you could lead a healthy life; if not, you must begin a regime to trim down, because the clock is ticking.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the average waistline is 40 inches for men and is 37 inches for women, so more than 50 percent of Americans would fail the 35-inch survival test.
  • For every political hopeful nationwide whose waistline is expanding on the rubber-chicken circuit, this may be the best news yet in an overheated campaign, which in South Dakota features close races, including for the sole Congressional seat, now held by Democrat Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

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