IPA: wˈeɪt


  • A delay.
  • An ambush.
  • (obsolete) One who watches; a watchman.
  • (in the plural, obsolete, UK) Hautboys, or oboes, played by town musicians.
  • (in the plural, UK) Musicians who sing or play at night or in the early morning, especially at Christmas time; serenaders; musical watchmen. [formerly waites, wayghtes.]
  • A surname.
  • (computing) Short for wait state. [(computing) Any of several instances in which a computer's processor cannot execute instructions (either for the entire computer, or just for a specific task) until an I/O operation completes, or until an interrupt is resolved]


  • (transitive, now rare) To delay movement or action until the arrival or occurrence of; to await. (Now generally superseded by “wait for”.)
  • (intransitive) To delay movement or action until some event or time; to remain neglected or in readiness.
  • (intransitive, stative, US) To wait tables; to serve customers in a restaurant or other eating establishment.
  • (transitive, obsolete) To attend on; to accompany; especially, to attend with ceremony or respect.
  • (obsolete) To attend as a consequence; to follow upon; to accompany.
  • (obsolete, colloquial) To defer or postpone (especially a meal).
  • (obsolete, except in phrases) To watch with malicious intent; to lie in wait
  • (intransitive) To remain faithful to one’s partner or betrothed during a prolonged period of absence.

Examples of "wait" in Sentences

  • The water was waiting in the pipe.
  • The facilitator observes and waits.
  • They waited for the storm to abate.
  • Waiting at the bottom is the hijacker.
  • The syndicate then waited for the race.
  • A hermit waits for the arrival of the crusaders.
  • The occupants of the washroom are waiting in lines.
  • We wait and wait and wait on headlong until something happens.
  • During a typical mid-week afternoon the wait is about 15-20 minutes.
  • If we delay, postpone, temporize, wait until the next election, it'll get worse.
  • But I have to wait such a long time for it (because all the time I have to wait is to long).
  • We're still waiting to see what legerdemain he'll come up with to pay for the new Tappan Zee.
  • September 9th, 2008 9:00 pm ET wait for it…..wait for it…..here comes her hillary-ous punch line…..in just 10 seconds
  • Line was about 40-45 people, guessing the wait is at least half an hour – too long based on my time/cost benefit analysis.
  • Thus, an infixed - um - is characteristic of many intransitive verbs with personal pronominal suffixes, e.g., sad - “to wait, ” sumid-ak “I wait”; kineg “silent, ” kuminek-ak “I am silent.

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