wait on

IPA: wˈeɪtˈɑn


  • To provide a service to (someone); to act as a servant to (someone); to serve (someone) as a waiter or waitress in a restaurant.
  • (colloquial) To wait for (a person).
  • (colloquial) To wait for (a thing, or an event to take place).
  • To be in store for (someone).
  • (archaic) To visit (someone) as a courtesy, on business or for ceremony.
  • (archaic) To occur as a consequence of (something), to result from (something).
  • (archaic) To carry out or perform (a duty, function, etc.).
  • (falconry, of a hawk) To fly above its master, waiting till game is sprung.

Examples of "wait-on" in Sentences

  • It is envisaged that local schools will help wait-on at events.
  • These are my neighbors, my friends, my co-workers who are dealing with having to live with, work for, wait-on, or just pass by on the street, these racist, raping fucks.

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