IPA: wˈeɪtɪŋ


  • (obsolete) Watching, observation; keeping watch, guarding.
  • The act of staying or remaining in expectation.
  • Attendance, service.

Examples of "waiting" in Sentences

  • The water was waiting in the pipe.
  • Waiting at the bottom is the hijacker.
  • The occupants of the washroom are waiting in lines.
  • I believe we all discouraged that, but there was a name waiting for her.
  • A football town in waiting is showing its new colors, and waiting no more.
  • QUOTE TO NOTE: That's the whole reason we have a head coach in waiting is to counter that.
  • I am waiting -- simply _waiting_, and it is better to let you know that I am not forgetting instead.
  • It was no use _waiting_, because if all had gone right it should have been waiting for us for an hour at least.
  • "You blessed darling!" she softly exclaimed, "here I've been waiting for you, and _waiting_ for you and longing -- _Oh_!"
  • I've been waiting and _waiting_, and I just wondered if you had enlisted and gone off to war without even calling up to say good-by.
  • I had Riddick on PC waiting in my Newegg shopping cart, just * waiting* for me to apply my Christmastime gift certificate and click Checkout, to make Atari $50 richer.
  • "Why to be sure Christmas is coming," laughed Mrs. Merrill, "and here I've been waiting and waiting and _waiting_ for you to talk about it till, actually, I thought I'd had to begin myself, if you didn't wake up pretty soon."

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