IPA: wˈɔɫaɪd


  • Having eyes with a pale-coloured iris.
  • Having eyes of different colours.
  • Suffering from exotropia.
  • (of fish) Having bulging eyes.

Examples of "walleyed" in Sentences

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  • It turned out I wanted nothing more than to sit around talking to walleyed kids about who was the greatest disabled player in sports history.
  • And I'd like to tell you one story about a student of mine who was walleyed, that is she had one eye that looked straight and the other eye that turned out.
  • More commonly, if the eye or eyes look toward the nose (cross-eyed) or look toward the side (walleyed), a pediatric ophthalmologist (not an optometrist) needs to evaluate the problem.
  • The walleyed and ungainly Mr. Kirchner couldn't have been more of a contrast to his wife, who was known among their classmates as one of the most beautiful students, as well as one of the brightest.
  • Essentially, they've taken that smallish gaggle of walleyed concern-trolls, mixed in a clueless academic and added a heaping helping of straw-men to contend that Jon Stewart will utterly destroy his brand by staging a comedy show for people.

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