IPA: wˈɑn


  • The quality of being wan; wanness.
  • (Ireland) A girl or woman.
  • A surname.
  • Pronunciation spelling of one, representing Ireland English. [The digit or figure 1.]
  • (networking) Acronym of wide area network. [(computing) A computer network that covers a large geographic area.]


  • Pale, sickly-looking.
  • Dim, faint.
  • Bland, uninterested.

Examples of "wan" in Sentences

  • Why is she so wan
  • I used WAN as my internet.
  • The patient was pale and wan.
  • The man installed WAN in my house.
  • Her complexion is very pale and wan.
  • How long does it take to install WAN
  • She is still pale and wan from sickness.
  • All of a sudden, his face turned into wan.
  • I think WAN is one of the fastest Internet.
  • Mei Foo is on the crossroad between Kowloon and Tsuen Wan.
  • I have more dust in wan minute than iver I saw in all me life before.
  • I don't want to put no lie on a grave stun, if her name wan't Crompton. '
  • Pussy Boy: "I don 'know what bean dip is, but I know I don' wan 'any part of dat."
  • “Wan” pronounced wahn literally means ten thousand; in Chinese, wan represents all or every.
  • I'm what Hogan calls wan iv th 'mute, ingloryous heroes iv th' war; an 'not so dam mute, ayther.
  • But this still brought the station chief 21 wan wan is Chinese measure, NT$10,000, at that time US$250 in one week--you could buy one house with it.
  • Sinitor Jones calls wan iv his thrusty hinchman to his side, an 'says he:' Mike, put on a pig-tail, an 'a blue shirt an' take a dillygation iv Chinnymen out to Canton an 'congratulate Mack on th' murdher iv mission'ries in China.
  • And first he laces to his feet the shoes of gold that bear him high winging over seas or land as fleet as the gale; then takes the rod wherewith he calls wan souls forth of Orcus, or sends them again to the sad depth of hell, gives sleep and takes it away and unseals dead eyes; in whose strength he courses the winds and swims across the tossing clouds.

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