IPA: wˈɑnd


  • A hand-held narrow rod, usually used for pointing or instructing, or as a traditional emblem of authority.
  • (by extension) An instrument shaped like a wand, such as a curling wand.
  • A stick or rod used by a magician (a magic wand), conjurer or diviner (divining rod).
  • A stick, branch, or stalk, especially of willow.
  • A card of a particular suit of the minor arcana in tarot, the wands.
  • A surname.


  • (transitive) To scan (e.g. a passenger at an airport) with a handheld metal detector.
  • (transitive) To use a handheld vibrator (the sex toy) on (a person or body part).

Examples of "wand" in Sentences

  • But I just wand to clarify that.
  • First there is the password wand.
  • Aurora then uses the wand to turn her nightgown pink.
  • The cloak is mine but the stone and the wand are yours.
  • Its weapon type is a wand because wand was a new release.
  • The line releases from the wand when a fish grabs the bait.
  • Harry's wand reacts with Voldemort's new wand, destroying it.
  • He is confronted by the Diva and loses the match and his wand.
  • Her wand, similar to Hagrid's wand, is hidden in a purple umbrella.
  • If the US were to invade Iran, again it is legitimized with the magic wand.
  • The wand is held vertically, a tool for the unification of heaven and earth.
  • So, I'm guessing the lavander wand is now safely tucked in the gentleman's sock drawer?
  • Khudáwand is still used in popular as in classical Persian, and is universally understood in Hindostan.
  • His wand is rocking a light charm in the pic ... "brighten your morning" ... see where I'm going with this?
  • Something tells me that if Bowman hooked one of these bad boys there's nothing a wimpy little fairy wand is gonna do.
  • The manufacturer says the wand is powered by static electricity generated when its user marches in place while holding the instrument straight ahead.
  • I was merely pointing out that the visual of the design fairy with her magical wand is about as ridiculous as the blind watchmaker in a puddle of goo.
  • Letters after a name do not modify character, they are there to confuse the letterless ones, just like a magicians wand is used, to get the hoi polloi [gnu] looking the other way while getting sheered.

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