IPA: wˈɑndɝɫʌst


  • A strong impulse or longing to travel.
  • An impulse to cheat or seek out other romantic or sexual partners; a straying heart.
  • Alternative letter-case form of wanderlust [A strong impulse or longing to travel.]


  • (intransitive) To feel a strong impulse or longing to travel.
  • (intransitive) To roam or travel widely.

Examples of "wanderlust" in Sentences

  • He admits that he has wanderlust.
  • Is wanderlust actually a borrowing
  • Wanderlust is a strong desire to travel.
  • But Mimi has wanderlust and wants to leave town.
  • In spite of the fears, the wanderlust is still there.
  • Shibram later inherited this wanderlust from his father.
  • It's a common knowledge that Sri Nahataji was a wanderlust.
  • The trip left a deep impression and instilled a wanderlust.
  • In 1994 Wanderlust won the Aria award for best jazz recording.
  • SS: I feel like the term "wanderlust" kind of encompasses my life.
  • It is made of priests stricken with wanderlust who wish to see the world.
  • As they near adulthood, kender experience intense wanderlust and leave home.
  • Her inspiration for the wanderlust is a string of beads called japa malas which contain 108 beads.
  • But I can barely be in our apartment for more than 30 minutes before my wanderlust is gnawing at me again to get myself back outside.
  • "Your parents have what's called wanderlust," she had explained to Paige, who thirty-three years later remembered every word of that conversation.
  • As I have posted before from the days of H. habilis (and some would argue afarensis) 'wanderlust' is built into our genes and thus we have spread not only into every habitable niche but the uninhabitable ones too.

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