IPA: wˈeɪnɪŋ


  • The fact or act of becoming less or less intense or present; fading.
  • The fact or act of becoming smaller.


  • Becoming weaker or smaller.
  • Of the lunar phase: as it shrinks when viewed from the Earth.

Examples of "waning" in Sentences

  • Interest in mariachi music was waning.
  • In feudal Japan, the era of the samurai is waning.
  • Above the landscape, a rainbow forms in the waning light.
  • By the early 1960s the communist Huk campaign was waning.
  • By the end of the 1980s, the band's popularity was waning.
  • However, the firm began to decline in the waning years under KeyCorp.
  • Yet the scene in the dining-room of the Abbey Grange was sufficiently strange to arrest his attention and to recall his waning interest.
  • As economies in the rest of the world slow, demand for raw materials appears to be waning, which is taking pressure off commodity prices.
  • The event began with individual qualifying in waning sunlight, with the top 16 men and women qualifying for the knockout stages, which concluded under the lights.
  • The U.S. general said Iraq's political impasse and increasing levels of violence have resulted in waning confidence among Iraqis, who are now less willing to share information about insurgents.
  • Manuel Zelaya, the deposed Honduran president, has complained about what he described as waning condemnation by the US of his removal from office, saying Washington's position on the coup was not clear.
  • And when she is exactly opposite the sun, she shines with a full light, having arrived at the seventh sign; and even while she is there, having advanced but a very little further, she begins to diminish, which we call waning; and as she gets older, she resumes the same shapes that she had while increasing.
  • Of postmodernism Jameson says ‘the end of the bourgeois ego, or monad, no doubt brings with it the end of the psychopathologies of that ego—what I have called the waning of affect’ Postmodernism, 15 But what would the world look like if, the bourgeois ego having been dissolved, its attendant psychopathologies somehow, spectrally, remained?

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