IPA: wˈɑŋkɝ


  • (derogatory) A person who masturbates.
  • (derogatory) A term of abuse.
  • An idiot, a stupid person.
  • An annoying person.
  • An ineffectual person.
  • Someone who shows off too much, a poser or poseur; someone who is overly self-satisfied.
  • A penis.
  • (humorous) A very informal term of address used between friends.
  • (obsolete, Britain, school slang) A salted, and lightly smoked herring or mackerel; a bloater.

Examples of "wanker" in Sentences

  • The Wanker of the Week award is factual.
  • He called the cabinet a bolus of wankers.
  • To be forthright, you seem like a wanker.
  • Cyde is a fucking wanker with a massive ego.
  • How are the Artful Dodger and Cockney Wanker the same
  • British, and the term wanker is meaningless british slang.
  • This is the full extent of the coverage of 'wanker' in the reference.
  • It can't be wanker because the term how the wanker are you does not fit.
  • I'd rather call him/her just plain "wanker," with "eejit" a close second.
  • Another implication is that the wanker is unable to find a sexual partner.
  • Being a wanker, is not just about jerking off, it is about making love with oneself, and that is all the love you have.
  • Webb addresses two of these areas, namely the blue collar whites, the beer track in wanker, and foreign policy credentials.
  • What is never made clear is how she managed to go to high school with Al when her parents apparently never left Wanker County.
  • That walk-in wanker's sitting on the floor beside me rocking his head back and forth, deeper into the music than maybe anyone else in the gig.
  • Start of the second gig, during the first song's tender, tentative intro, the audience quiet and attentive, some walk-in wanker expresses his support by shouting "Fuck the Beatles!".
  • This wanker is a former German cabinet minister and parliamentary secretary in Germany's defence ministry. 19% of Germans believe the Yanks were responsible for 9/11, which may explain the success of this ridiculous tome - and also the fact that conspirozoids from around the world have chosen Berlin as the site for their big conference on September 7.

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