IPA: wˈɑnʌbi


  • (informal, derogatory, often attributive) Someone who wishes to be someone or do something, but lacks the qualifications or talent; an overeager amateur; an aspirant.
  • (informal, derogatory) Someone who wishes to be part of, or to assimilate to, a majority group of which they are not a member.

Examples of "wannabe" in Sentences

  • Semes you're the wannabe censor.
  • In fact he is a wannabe imposter.
  • Either a wannabe or the real deal.
  • Vanity page for this lowbrow wannabe.
  • A white guy and not a gangster wannabe.
  • Seems to be a glorified tabloid wannabe.
  • But I'm a musician and an editor wannabe.
  • The comic misadventures of a gangster wannabe.
  • A hip hop dancer, a wannabe singer and a wannabe rapper.
  • And if you ever saw me cast a fly rod you'd know what a wannabe is ...
  • All I want is to be left alone from some kind of freaky boyish wannabes.
  • Another pudgy idiot tough-guy wannabe from the Right Wing Keyboard Brigade.
  • This Lost-wannabe is starting to lose its way (and its viewers) as itmeanders through tepid subplots
  • Even the hardest Barack followers are starting to see that this wannabe is all STYLE and no SUBSTANCE!!!!!
  • That friends...­is what you call a wannabe pundit leaving themselves open to claim having gotten it right.
  • The reason for using the term wannabe "alot" is because these mom & pop places "want to be" pixar and dreamworks.
  • First Deputy Superintendent Al Wysinger, the department's No. 2 official, who attended the meeting, blamed the recent violence on a dispute between what he described as wannabe gangs - Young Money and 46 Terror Town.

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