IPA: wˈɑnʌbi


  • Alternative form of wannabe [(informal, derogatory, often attributive) Someone who wishes to be someone or do something, but lacks the qualifications or talent; an overeager amateur; an aspirant.]

Examples of "wannabee" in Sentences

  • A older jealous less effective Murray wannabee.
  • r u some kind of wannabee Disney princess or something??
  • Hitler of course was a wannabee artistic painter, not a decorator.
  • Much better to have the real symbols appear first rather than the wannabee.
  • So you're in your early to mid teens and look like every other actor wannabee.
  • I was into punk music and there was this wannabee band from Ireland called U2.
  • Also, the first time I have seen a wannabee wear an unauthorized Good Conduct Medal.
  • Please tell me that you're directly involved in the process, not a power plant "wannabee" like myself.
  • He had been instantly drawn to the ruggedly good-looking political wannabee with the big family pedigree and money, George W. Bush.
  • "wannabee" impersonations is not at all a matter of dispute to anyone of sound mind and a passing familiarity with Roman Catholicism.
  • There is plenty of unfounded snobbery as well (Where the dead sergeant's wife becomes the general's widow) and wannabee poets, artists and the suchlike finding happiness in their reinventions.
  • We also know well the restaurants to avoid, in particular the over-priced, under serviced wannabee high class eateries founded by gringos who charge North American prices for food that wants greater ambition than dispensing North American fare to the hungry, the humdrum and the unitiated.

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