IPA: ɛgzˈæksɪs


  • (analytic geometry) The axis on a graph that is usually drawn left to right and usually shows the range of values of an independent variable.

Examples of "x-axis" in Sentences

  • The point for D&D/other nerds should be under the x-axis.
  • “Adolescents” can also substitut for “snobs” on the x-axis.
  • For example, the x-axis of this chart is based on “cash income.”
  • The value on the y-axis relative to the value on the x-axis. gwjunkie Says:
  • Perhaps what your RP scale needs is an identity x-axis and a context y-axis?
  • December 18th, 2009 at 12: 32 pm further down the x-axis the line dives all the way down to contempt.
  • Once again, we need a line graph with “religious references” on the x-axis, and “number of comments” on the y.
  • Her deft touch rotated the Challenger ninety degrees around its y-axis, and then set the ship spinning around the x-axis as it rushed toward the swooping enemy ship.
  • The graph itself needs to be rotated -90 degrees, so that size is indeed the x-axis and shame the y-axis, but simply switching the labels is ineffective, as it changes (and makes wrong) the meaning of the graph.

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