IPA: zˈænðin


  • (chemistry) Any of a group of alkaloids that include caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine as well as the parent compound, a precursor of uric acid found in many organs of the body.

Examples of "xanthine" in Sentences

  • The xanthine oxidase is not denatured.
  • Oxypurinol is an inhibitor of xanthine oxidase.
  • Serum xanthine oxidase studies on miniature pigs.
  • Caffeine is a xanthine derivative and hence a purine.
  • Xanthine is a product on the pathway of purine degradation.
  • In purine catabolism, xanthine is first converted to urate.
  • Deamination of guanine results in the formation of xanthine.
  • It is caused by a deficiency of the enzyme xanthine oxidase.
  • "Unless you are referring to a yellow nitrogenous compound, xanthine -"
  • It is one of the products of the action of xanthine oxidase on xanthine.
  • Xanthine oxidase will degrade hypoxanthine to xanthine and then to uric acid.
  • The inhibition was reversed by hypoxanthine, adenine, guanine, and xanthine (28).
  • The fate of the intermediate oxypurines, hypoxanthine and xanthine, turned out to be a fascinating one.
  • Theobromine, like caffeine, and also like the asthma drug theophylline, belong to the chemical group known as xanthine alkaloids.
  • One is completely insoluble in water, which we have termed xanthine, a name which Runge has given to a yellow matter from madder.
  • Carbon isotope ratios for uracil and xanthine of δ13C = + 44.5‰ and + 37.7‰, respectively, indicate a non-terrestrial origin for these compounds.
  • Even since 1776 when Scheele found uric acid in urinary calculus, several substances closely related to it such as xanthine, adenine and guanine, etc. have been detected in animal secretions.
  • Milk fat contains an enzyme called xanthine oxidase (XO), some of which survives the pasteurization process and, thanks to homogenization, is now able to pass through the gut wall into the bloodstream intact where it creates havoc by attacking plasmalogen within artery walls.
  • In addition, because increasing the excretion of uric acid is additive to the effects of drugs known as xanthine oxidase inhibitors that decrease the production of uric acid, including allopurinol and febuxostat, lesinurad in combination with such drugs has the potential to treat the significant portion of the gout population that is not adequately treated with existing therapies.

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