IPA: zˈænðɑfɪɫ


  • (organic chemistry, countable) Any of various hydroxy, carbonyl or carboxylic acid derivatives of carotenes.
  • (organic chemistry, uncountable) Lutein.

Examples of "xanthophyll" in Sentences

  • Is xanthophyll a pigment that is used in painting, etc.
  • That means that xanthophyll is sensitive to the polarization of the light.
  • PALMER: The physiological relation of the pigment to the xanthophyll of plants.
  • The color comes from xanthophyll and from the carotene pigments that are vitamin-A precursors.
  • PALMER AND ECKLES: Chemical and physiological relation of pigment of milk fat to carotin and xanthophyll of green plants.
  • Seasonal changes in chlorophyll fluorescence quenching and the induction and capacity of the photoprotective xanthophyll cycle in Lobaria pulmonaria.
  • The traditional air-aging of flour had a visible side effect: the yellowish flour becomes progressively paler as the xanthophyll pigments are oxidized to a colorless form.
  • The color of durum wheat, its coarse semolina flour, and dry pasta is due mainly to the carotenoid xanthophyll lutein, which can be oxidized to a colorless form by enzymes in the grain and oxygen.
  • The modern high-temperature method rapidly inactivates enzymes that can destroy the yellow xanthophyll pigments and cause brown discoloration, and it cross-links some of the gluten protein and produces a firmer, less sticky cooked noodle.

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