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  • Abbreviation of cross country. [(sports) A running sport popular in US high schools, colleges, etc., where participants race over varying terrain (e.g. golf courses, roads, etc.) in approximately 5- to 10-kilometre races. Abbreviated XC.]


  • (finance) Without coupon
  • Abbreviation of cross-country. [From one side of a country to the other.]

Examples of "xc" in Sentences

  • But the unfolding of the structure below xc.
  • In the Xc formula, the parantheses are unpaired.
  • Purcell signed a three fight deal with Elite XC.
  • For many of the female XC skiers, you can see that.
  • The short term solution was to create a new XC page.
  • Please do not remove relevant citations for XC content.
  • I modified it to have an - xc option for displaying the counts.
  • Unwise thought by xy xc on Monday, May 25, 2009 at 12: 20: 05 AM
  • The station moved this broadcast to XC and expanded it to two hours.
  • The portion with the letters XC is used for the communion of the clergy.
  • Also, I rock a xc mission, and I've been known to make loops on the local dirt jump track.
  • The most frequent substrings are as follows: prompt wasa - xc - m 1 c: \junk\foo. log | sort - nr
  • DllCall ( "GetCursorInfo", "Uint", & xc) yc: = NumGet (xc,16), xc: = NumGet (xc,12) xc+ = 15, yc+ = 15
  • I just wrote "xc" instead of "xo" which is sort of funny, but I don't really want to go back and fix it.
  • One minor hill, a pair of xc skis (no poles needed), a hula hoop (or two) and an attitude of can-do fun … and it really will be.

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