IPA: ztʃi


  • being one more than ninety

Examples of "xci" in Sentences

  • He is present with his servants in their affliction, Ps. xci.
  • We shall find this temple mentioned again in c.xci. of the life of
  • Qian Ri Xiao Cheng do one thousand days of Xiu Lian for a small achievement, xci, 310–11
  • I had been reading Psalm xci. in the rain that morning, and how grandly it was fulfilled!
  • The spelling of the word "gospel" varies throughout; thus, in Mark, fols. lxiiii-lxxii., xci., xciv., xcv., xcvii., and xcviii. it is
  • One Psalm (xci) is devoted to show the providential security of the Godly: another (xciii) shows the frailty of man; and a third (civ) the dependence of all orders in creation on God's Providence for food and breath.

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