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  • being two more than ninety

Examples of "xcii" in Sentences

  • Intermediary not to be considered final xc -- xcii
  • Cp.Sen. _Ep_.xcii. 30, 31 'magnus erat labor ire in caelum'.
  • Its title shows us that Ps. xcii (xci) was to be sung on the Sabbath.
  • [342] Ep.xcii. and also lxxii. which is redundant with quotations from the poets.
  • The excellency of this mercy the Psalmist expresseth in a heavenly manner, Ps. xcii.
  • He continually fills our lamps with new oil, and puts new vigour into our spirits: Ps. xcii.
  • [Page xcii] of the sun as "head-high," and we have the very picture the poet wanted us to see.
  • Her phantom appeared twice and, at the second appearance, gave the required information (Herodotus, V, xcii).
  • _Kibla_, amount of alms, fasts, forms and attitude of prayer, &c.: pretentious prayers and ostentatious almsgiving xcii -- xcvii
  • (Gr. paraskevé); seems to have supplanted the older term prosábbaton, used in the translation of Judith, viii, 6, and in the title – not to be found in Hebrew – of Ps. xcii (xciii).

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