IPA: zˈiˈɪi


  • being three more than ninety

Examples of "xciii" in Sentences

  • And condemns all for fools, Psal. xciii.; xxxii. 9; xlix.
  • Journal of the Chemical Society, vol.xciii. (1908), p. 997. 20.
  • It is a demonstration of the sovereignty of God, that he is above them, Ps. xciii.
  • God, thoughts of his glorious and gracious presence, and of his holiness Ps. xciii.
  • _ -- Plummer quotes other illustrations of such mechanical passports to the Land of the Blessed (VSH, i, p. xciii).
  • _Gentleman's Magazine_ for September, 1823 (vol.xciii. p. 232.), and in the _Mirror_ for November 1st of the same year.
  • As it was not God's purpose to put his messenger to ridicule, the Súra entitled "The brightness" (xciii) was immediately brought by the ever-ready Gabriel.
  • [Page xciii] perience of the partnership has taught us both much; if we are pioneers in such a collaboration, we only hope that others will follow our lead.
  • One Psalm (xci) is devoted to show the providential security of the Godly: another (xciii) shows the frailty of man; and a third (civ) the dependence of all orders in creation on God's Providence for food and breath.
  • Although clear echoes of Avicennian doctrines about the distinction between essence and existence, between necessary and contingent beings, as well as the well-known Avicennian proof of the existence of God, have been found in the Guide of the Perplexed (see Moses Maimonides 1962, 1: xciii-ciii), the explicit judgement of Maimonides about Avicenna's thought appears to be substantially cool (for a different interpretation of this judgement, see however Dobbs-Weinstein 2002).

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