IPA: ˈɛksˈɪv


  • being four more than ninety

Examples of "xciv" in Sentences

  • Psalm xciv: 20, [b] but that the latter is founded on the Rock
  • By J.R. Sen. London: M. DCC.XXXIV. (pp. iii-v; xciv; c; cxiv.)
  • Professor R.J. Tarrant cites Martial XII xciv 5 'fila lyrae moui
  • [Page xciv] disappeared, and, with certain modifications, holds good to-day.
  • Augustine says on John 16: 7: "Except I go, the Paraclete will not come to you" (Tract. xciv in Joan.).
  • -- The texts of Holy Scripture which you cannot find are to be found as follows: -- Psalm xciv. 22, and Gen. xvii.
  • And in his own days, notwithstanding the differences between them, the aged and learned Jerome tells him, Epist. xciv.,
  • The spelling of the word "gospel" varies throughout; thus, in Mark, fols. lxiiii-lxxii., xci., xciv., xcv., xcvii., and xcviii. it is
  • Gennadius (De vir.illustr. xciv) says he composed a sacramentary; the Liber Pontificalis speaks of his liturgical work, and there must be some basis for the way in which his name is attached to the famous Gelasian Sacramentay.
  • Men may have a general persuasion that they are under the eye of God: and this is in the thoughts of all; -- I do not say actually, but in respect of the principle of it that lies in them; which, if it may freely act itself, will make them know it and consider it, Ps. xciv.

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