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  • being five more than ninety

Examples of "xcv" in Sentences

  • Again, Pheneos is a dactyl in lxviii. 111, while Satrachus is an anapaest in xcv.
  • Again, _Pheneos_ is a dactyl in lxviii. 111, while _Satrachus_ is an anapaest in xcv.
  • 'xcv' in all the text boxes in the second additional form just to see what it would do.
  • Hence is that expression, “He bowed down his head and worshipped,” [Gen.xxiv. 26;] see [also] Ps. xcv.
  • Sir WILLIAM RAMSAY: "Elements and Electrons," Journal of the Chemical Society, vol.xcv. (1909), pp. 624 et seq.
  • There ought to be a reference, on p. 298 below, to M. Joseph Bédier's papers in the _Revue Historique_ (xcv. and xcvii.) on _Raoul de
  • The spelling of the word "gospel" varies throughout; thus, in Mark, fols. lxiiii-lxxii., xci., xciv., xcv., xcvii., and xcviii. it is
  • I also, in the same place (vol.i. p. xcv.), showed, from several authorities, how common and how venial offence it was considered in the middle of the reign of Elizabeth.
  • Septuagint they occasionally differ from the Hebrew, assigning psalms that are anonymous in the Hebrew (xcv., cxxxvii.) to David, or to other authors (e.g., cxlvi. -cxlviii. to Haggai and Zechariah.)
  • While, overall, Mind and World remains one of the most insightful developments of a Kantian approach to contemporary philosophy of mind and metaphysics written by a contemporary philosopher, one or two of the uncharitable interpretations of Kant's work in that book receive important revisions in McDowell's later Woodbridge Lectures, published in the Journal of Philosophy, xcv, 1998, pp. 431-491.

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