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  • being six more than ninety

Examples of "xcvi" in Sentences

  • -- [The words] "From the wood" have been cut out of Ps. xcvi.
  • Also chaps.xcvi. 2, which, as has been said was probably the first composed at Meccah.
  • Mr. Rodwell makes it No.ii. following the Fatrah or silent interval which succeeded No. xcvi.
  • The ease with which psalms were, without warrant, ascribed to David may be seen from the Greek superscription to Psalm xcvi.
  • “Beautiful women were given as gifts to the sultan, for his harem.[xcvi] Gunners, seamen, and shipbuilders were especially prized as slaves.”[xcvii]
  • [1853] [1853] Ps.xcvi. 1, etc. This last clause, which is not extant in our copies, either of the LXX, or of the Hebrew, Justin charged the Jews with erasing.
  • Introduction to _Documents and Records illustrating the History of Scotland_, pp.xcvi. -- cxvi., for extracts from the historical chronicles preserved in the monasteries, &c.
  • Obj. 2: Further, Augustine says (De Decem Chordis 3 [* Serm. ix; xcvi de Temp.]): "If the man is the head, he should live better, and give an example of good deeds to his wife, that she may imitate him."
  • Scholars have long questioned whether these statements represent Pomponazzi's sincere convictions, or if they should instead be seen as an opportunistic shift towards religious conformism (see the discussion in Perrone Compagni 1999, lxxxv-xcvi).

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