IPA: zkvˈɪi


  • being seven more than ninety

Examples of "xcvii" in Sentences

  • Epist. xcvii.; which, though commended by Eusebius, Eccles.
  • It has a golden mobile suit GNMS XCVII Alvaaron stored inside its main body.
  • You may remember, I spake occasionally from that of the psalmist, Ps. xcvii.
  • The GNMS XCVII Alvaaron is equipped with a pair of beam rifle and beam saber.
  • Zoroastrianism (Dabistan, chaps. xcvii.) tears shed for the dead form a river in hell, black and frigid.
  • _Kibla_, amount of alms, fasts, forms and attitude of prayer, &c.: pretentious prayers and ostentatious almsgiving xcii -- xcvii
  • Klemencic, Wiener Sitzungsberichte (Denkschrift), 1888, vol.xcvii. p. 838; Feussner and St. Lindeck, Zeitsch. fuer Inst. 'Kunde, ix.
  • The spelling of the word "gospel" varies throughout; thus, in Mark, fols. lxiiii-lxxii., xci., xciv., xcv., xcvii., and xcviii. it is
  • There ought to be a reference, on p. 298 below, to M. Joseph Bédier's papers in the _Revue Historique_ (xcv. and xcvii.) on _Raoul de
  • “Beautiful women were given as gifts to the sultan, for his harem.[xcvi] Gunners, seamen, and shipbuilders were especially prized as slaves.”[xcvii]
  • _Rebekah_, _Ps.xcvii. _, many services and anthems, and two hundred and forty-six hymn-tunes (published in 1897 in one volume), as well as some part-songs (among them the popular "Sweet and Low"), and some pieces for the organ.

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