IPA: zɛnʌgrˈæft


  • A tissue graft taken from a species different from that of the recipient.


  • To perform a tissue graft using tissue taken from a species different from that of the recipient.

Examples of "xenograft" in Sentences

  • Xenograft and xenotransplantation.
  • It's called xenograft bone transplantation.
  • The end result is thrombosis and necrosis of the xenograft..
  • Birmingham K. Skepticism surrounds diabetes xenograft experiment.
  • In contrast, a transplant from another species is called a xenograft.
  • RX 3317 showed potent anti tumor effects in xenograft human tumor models.
  • Variations on the nerve autograft include the allograft and the xenograft.
  • The human/sheep xenograft model: a large animal model of human hematopoiesis.
  • These xenograft data demonstrate activity of imetelstat against neuroblastoma stem cells in vivo.
  • These allograft and xenograft implants are used in orthopedic, dental and other specialty surgeries.
  • Lin Y, Vandeputte M. Waer M. Contribution of activated macrophages to the process of delayed xenograft rejection.
  • Where transplants between non-twin humans are called allografts, a transplant from one species to another is called a xenograft.
  • Tutogen Medical, GmbH is the Germany-based organization of RTI Biologics that processes allograft and xenograft implants for global distribution.
  • Once past that, there is delayed xenograft rejection, in which immune cells such as macrophages and natural killer cells begin to attack the organ.
  • Imetelstat has demonstrated anti-tumor effects in a wide range of preclinical xenograft models of human solid and hematological tumors, and potent activity against cancer stem cells derived from primary patient samples or cancer cell lines from multiple tumor types.
  • Preclinical studies have shown that OXi4503 has single-agent activity against a range of xenograft tumor models; and synergistic or additive effects when incorporated in various combination regimens with chemotherapy, molecularly-targeted therapies including tumor-angiogenesis inhibitors, and radiation therapy.

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