IPA: zɛnʌfˈɑbɪk


  • A xenophobe.


  • Exhibiting or characterised by xenophobia, a fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners.

Examples of "xenophobic" in Sentences

  • Mercury newspaper that a group of Mozambican nationals were assaulted at the weekend in what they described as a xenophobic attack.
  • Speaking to Sapa, Cele accused the Inkatha Freedom Party of being behind the so-called xenophobic attacks involving residents from the
  • "We condemn in the strongest possible terms the xenophobic acts that have led to injury, death and destruction," Pahad told an International
  • Of course, it will take time for us to know the exact figure of people who were displaced by the so-called xenophobic attacks in our country.
  • At least Mumbai's landlords are willing to rent a house to him; according to a certain xenophobic politico, true nationalists wouldn't have Mrs Gandhi as a tenant.
  • But, then, those things wouldn’t let you indulge in xenophobic racists fantasies of a Pure America, you stupid * grrrr* … Subliterate inbred toothsucking fistfucker … that’s intense.
  • However, none of the figures that King cites — including the 5.6 million number that he uses to strike fear in xenophobic hearts — are included in the CBO’s infamous health care bill projections.
  • This opinion was shared by Minister in the Presidency, Essop Pahad, who called the xenophobic violence which started on May 12 "dastardly" and "systematic attacks" which had no place in a democratic South
  • During my visit to Bakerton in Springs, at the height of the so-called xenophobic attacks in April, I came face to face with a frustrated and angry people who felt they had not been allowed space to communicate their concerns and grievances.
  • In Germany, such open mass support has been more limited, generally not exceeding 10 percent, but outbursts of antiforeign violence, especially after reunification, have become more frequent and the expression of xenophobic sentiments more widespread.

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